Docs (4.0.0)


Getting started

  • IntroductionStart here to learn more about the Desk framework, its use cases, and architecture.
  • DocumentationLearn how to find your way around the Desk framework documentation.
  • TutorialsA collection of tutorials to help you get started with the Desk framework.
  • ExamplesA collection of example apps that demonstrate various concepts in practice.

App architecture

  • ObjectsUnderstand how the ManagedObject class provides a common foundation for all parts of a Desk application.
  • Event handlingLearn about events, event handling, and observers to watch for property changes.
  • BindingsLearn how to use bindings, to communicate property changes between attached objects.
  • App contextAn overview of the functionality provided by the global application context.
  • ActivitiesLearn how to use activities to define the behavior and state of each part of your application.
  • ServicesLearn how to use services to encapsulate global state and data in your application.
  • Task schedulingUse task queues to manage lists of prioritized asynchronous tasks.
  • Data structuresUse managed lists and records to model hierarchical data in your application.

Logging and i18n

  • Text formattingLearn how text and data can be formatted, combined, and translated using Desk functions and classes.
  • InternationalizationLearn how to make your Desk application adaptable to different languages and regions, using the built-in internationalization features.
  • Errors and loggingUnderstand how errors are handled, and how you can use built-in logging features to help observe and debug your application.


  • ViewsThis article is not yet available.
  • ContainersThis article is not yet available.
  • ControlsThis article is not yet available.
  • List viewsThis article is not yet available.


Forms and input


  • TestsLearn how to write and run tests using the Desk test library.
  • AssertionsLearn how to create and use assertions using the expect() function.
  • Test contextUnderstand how the Desk test library simulates an interactive runtime environment for testing, including UI interaction and navigation.

Web platform