Docs (4.0.0)
Event handling

class ManagedChangeEvent

An object that represents an event, emitted on a ManagedObject when its internal state changes.

class ManagedChangeEvent<TSource extends ManagedObject = ManagedObject, TData extends Record<string, unknown> | undefined = Record<string, unknown> | undefined, TName extends string = string>
extends ManagedEvent<TSource, TData, TName>



Instance Members

  • isChangeEvent()A method that always returns true, can be used for duck-typing this type of events.

Inherited Members

  • name readonlyThe name of the event, should start with a capital letter.
  • source readonlyThe object that’s emitted (or will emit) the event.
  • data readonlyObject that contains arbitrary event data (if any).
  • delegate readonlyAn object that delegated the event, if any, e.g. UIForm or UIListView.ItemControllerView.
  • inner readonlyThe original event, if the event was intercepted or propagated.